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Scott P. Wilber, CPA

Scott Wilber CPA - Eugene Oregon

Scott is not your usual accountant, and that is a good thing.

Scott earned his accounting degree from Arizona State University in 1981 and began his career in public accounting in November of that year. He is a Certified Public Accountant with 27 years experience in public accounting.

Scott spent several years practicing in Arizona and New Mexico before relocating to Eugene in 1998.

Scott performs all the usual accounting services with an emphasis on:

  • Tax planning
  • Tax Compliance work
  • Representation before the Internal Revenue Service and Oregon Department of Revenue
  • Attention to client service and their needs

Scott handles all type of clients including complicated real estate transactions and also has a history with contractors and their special needs.

Scott can take care of your accounting needs wherever you live and has clients all over the country including Arizona, Nevada, California, and Washington.

Why Scott?

Scott would say, "Why Not?"

Most clients look forward to coming in to meet with Scott and have their taxes done. Scott's clients always leave smiling, even when they owe!

If you are new to Scott, contact us to schedule an appointmant and you will receive a free thirty minute consultation to ask whatever you wish and to give you a chance to get to know each other. A Few Testimonials From Clients...You May Notice A Few Themes


“Scott has been a great asset to my business, my personal well being and has also been a great friend. I recommend him to friends, enemies and colleagues any chance I get!”


"What I appreciated most about Scott in our professional interactions was his ability to allow me to learn, and his patience while I was doing so. His sense of humor and never seeming rushed made me think, as a client, I was always important."


"Scott has helped my wife and I with our taxes for the past six years and has exceeded our expectations in delivering outstanding service. He gives us peace of mind in helping us with all of the paperwork and the details of our tax process."


"Scott is professional, friendly and courteous making each tax season go by effortlessly. We are extremely pleased with the services we have received."


"Every time I have done business with Scott, either as his client, or as my client, he has been professional yet friendly and able to understand problems and help provide solutions that go beyond the taxes, and accounting. I would say Scott is truly an asset to my business and as a friend."


"It has been a great joy for me to count Scott amongst my good friends. It began with a phone call nine years ago from Skip Fleek, my accountant and friend for 25 years. Skip beckoned me to his office to meet his replacement-and my new accountant. Skip also thought it would be good if I invited Scott to join Rotary. I took an instant liking to this brash young man. It was a thrill for me to sponsor him in Southtowne Rotary, where he instantly became the treasurer. Nine years later he still provides exceptional financial advice and tax preparation, not just for me but my grown children and their spouses as well. Scott is a top notch professional, a generous contributor of his time and money to many worthy causes, and an excellent friend."


"We have had the pleasure of having Scott Wilber handle our tax preparation for the last seven years. Although we have never met in person, we have shared many memorable telephone conversations with Scott. He has been very understanding in our particular circumstances and has made the extra effort to make sense out of our tax situation."


"Scott is my CPA (friend) for several reasons; He takes a personal interest in my best interest, which creates much trust. He is true to his word and what you see is what you get, he is honorable and respectful to himself and to others (which is seen by the big step he just took…getting out on his own) and as genuine as they come. And finally … besides a great sense of humor…you have stepped up to the red wine arena!"


"Scott Wilber welcomed me to Oregon upon my move from Missouri. He is very easy and fun (I know, hard to believe in a CPA!!) to work with. I’ve also enjoyed the opportunity to have a beer with Scott and listen to good music. He is a business colleague as well as a friend."

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1396 Charnelton
Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 687-1120

Office Hours: 9-4 weekdays
After hour/weekend appointments available by appointment

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